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Maximize Engagement with Your Real Estate Listing — Rise to the Top and Connect with Quality Users!

Are you planning to rent or sell your home? Or are you a real estate professional looking to increase your customer potential? Here are our special solutions for you:

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For Individual Users:


Our platform highlights your listing so that the right people see it. Everything you need to easily rent or sell your home is right here.


Why Should You Choose Our Subscription Packages?


  • Top Ranking Visibility: Your listing appears at the top of search results, gaining more visibility.
  • Quality User Base: Our platform is filled with qualified and serious potential tenants and buyers.
  • Quick and Effective Publishing: Activate your listing in minutes and see results quickly.
  • User-Friendly Tools: Easily manage and update your listing, and directly communicate with buyers or renters.


For Real Estate Professionals:


Expand your portfolio and maximize your sales with our special subscription packages designed for real estate professionals.


Why Should You Choose Our Subscription Packages?


  • Priority Listing: Your listings are prioritized to attract more attention.
  • High-Quality Access: Gain access to an exclusive buyer base for more effective results.
  • Marketing Tools: Advanced marketing tools and strategies to highlight your listings.
  • Flexible Package Options: A variety of subscription levels to suit every budget and need.



Our Subscription Packages:


  • Freemium Package: Start with the capability to post 3 listings for free.
  • Professional Package: Post up to 5 listings for greater visibility.
  • Business Package: Ideal for growing your business, with the ability to post 10 listings.
  • Enterprise Package: Perfect for large-scale operations, with the capability to post 50 listings.
  • Premium Package: The ultimate level of service and visibility, with the capability to post 100 listings.


Sign up now, post your listing, and enjoy connecting with quality potential tenants or buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I choose my subscription package? +

Choose your subscription package based on your needs. If you are just starting out, the "Freemium Package" is ideal. For more listing capacity and features, choose our "Professional," "Business," "Enterprise," or "Premium" packages.

How long will my listings stay active? +

All of your listings will remain active for 30 days based on your package type. You can update your listing at any time and reactivate it as per the listing rights in your package.

What tools are available to manage my listings? +

Our platform offers user-friendly tools that allow you to easily upload, edit, and communicate with potential tenants or buyers.

What can I do to increase visibility? +

Our "Professional," "Business," "Enterprise," and "Premium" packages include priority listing and special marketing tools that help your listings become more visible.

What happens if I want to cancel or change my package? +

You can cancel or switch your subscription at any time. If you cancel, you can continue to use the service for the remainder of your paid period.

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